Wednesday, 10 June 2020

End of Chapter Three!

This is my favourite point in the writing process.  You've got the setting down, established and gotten to know the characters, and the conflict that is keeping them apart - and bringing them together - is hopefully paved and ripe for exploration.  And the chapters ahead is when the characters really start on their journey, discovering each other and themselves along the way to the happy ever after.

At least that's the theory!  So many times in the past, I've hit the saggy middle around about chapter five.  I'm the sort of writer who can't skip past blocks in the road but have to work through them before moving on, and I've often remained stuck in the middle for  far too long.  I participated in a  series of Facebook seminars in April, run by editorial coach Joanne Grant, and one of these sessions dealt with the saggy middle and offered some really useful tips on how to deal with this if it happens. So I'm hoping, this time, I won't  have to ;)

This current story is a bit different to previous ones and is set partly in Rome. I've enjoyed doing the online research on this beautiful city very much, although I'm always aware that research can equal procrastination!  I was fortunate enough to visit Rome back in 2014; maybe - if my book ever reaches publication - I'll celebrate with a return trip!  In the meantime, there's the virtual RNA conference to look forward to next month.

What's your favourite part of writing?

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