'It's a Wonderful Life'

If you're lucky enough to live in Wales, you might have seen the recent production of 'Its a Wonderful Life' by Swansea-based Lighthouse Theatre Company that has been touring the country since November.  This wasn't a performance of the famous film, however, but a staged radio play.  The set was a 1940s radio studio and the cast were dressed in the everyday clothes the players would have worn when it was originally broadcast in 1947.  Two actors played George (with a remarkably authentic Jimmy Stewart accent!) and Mary, and the remaining four taking the other parts, one of them  doing all the sound effects as well. We, as the 'live' audience, were part of the production too, with a light coming on to tell us when to applaud and treated to intermittent 'live' adverts in between. It was an illuminating, brilliant and fabulously festive theatre experience which received - deservedly - a standing ovation at the end.  

 (c.) Lighthouse Theatre Company

 All good wishes for a Merry Christmas 
and a wonderful year in 2020!


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