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Website design for writers . . .

And others, of course! One of my day jobs, and by far the most  creative and satisfying for me personally, is designing websites.  I've been dabbling in this for over a decade now and have recently taken the plunge and gone freelance.  Website design fits in perfectly with the job of writing because it can be done from home. It can also be done flexibly over the course of several days or weeks.

Typically, I use Wordpress because it has an extensive choice of 'themes' and also because it is easier for customers to manage their sites themselves once complete. But, far from working 'off the shelf,' I prefer to establish a close relationship with my clients, in order to design them an attractive site that best reflects their personality and their work.

A word of warning, however, if you are feeling tempted to rush off and get yourself a website - choose your designer with care!  Wordpress, while powerful and flexible, is also pitted with holes that are a godsend for ha…