Not quite a heatwave . . .

At least that's what the weather people say but it's certainly felt like one recently, with cloudless blue  skies, hours of sunshine and temperatures actually reaching double figures, even here in north west Wales!  I've been lucky enough to have the last few days off work so, after my morning writing sessions, I've been taking a stroll along the Mawddach in the afternoons. It is really tranquil and inspiring at this time of year, and it is lovely to see signs of early summer at last.

The trees along the river are bursting into bud, wild flowers are lining the paths, and the bleating of lambs and the sound of birds are a perfect accompaniment to a bit of head-clearing and gentle exercise.  And this afternoon, I saw the surest sign of all that summer is definitely on the way - the preparation of the cricket pitch on the Marian fields ready for the start of the playing season.

My walk today was especially satisfying because I finished the first 'dirty' draft of my current WIP this morning.  It still needs editing, of course, and a hefty bit of digging deep to really bring my characters to life before I send it off to the New Writers' Scheme next month.  But, having not finished a book for a while, my New Year's Resolution in January was to complete a story this year without fail. So, even though it's not quite the finished product yet, typing that final full stop just before lunch felt great :)


  1. Hi Melissa. Congratulations on completing your draft manuscript. Great news. And the Mawddach estuary looks like a super place to relax those writing muscles. xx

  2. Hi Sarah, thanks! Yes it felt good to finish the draft; even if it still needs editing, that final full stop is such a psychological boost! Hope your writing is going well and looking forward to a catch up soon xx


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