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Well, blogging again, obviously, after several months away for various reasons. And writing again, albeit slowly, after several months away for various reasons.  Sometimes it is necessary to step away from your dream and rethink how much you really want that dream - or even if you still want it at all.  And sometimes the only way you can find out is to not follow that dream for a while and see what answer comes up.

So that's what I've been doing - taking time out to rethink. And doing some reading in my chosen genre too in an attempt to enjoy  reading romance again and to remember why I started writing it in the first place.   And I've been reading some truly amazing books by truly amazing and inspiring authors.

Sara Craven, who has just sadly passed away, began writing for Mills and Boon back in 1975. She's an author whose books I've picked up now again over the years, but reading some of her early and more recent work during my 'time out' has reconfirmed just what a brilliant writer she was, with some wonderful page turning books like Comparative Strangers back in 1988 and more recently Seduction Never Lies in 2014.  A truly gifted writer who will be much missed.

I've also thoroughly enjoyed Kate Walker's latest novel A Proposal to Secure his Vengeance, which I literally couldn't put down until I'd finished it - and that wasn't just because of the sexy hero, although I must confess to drooling a bit over that cover - and who wouldn't!

 Like Sara Craven, Kate Walker has also been writing romance for several decades now and what really struck me in reading both these authors is how their books have continuously moved with the times yet they as writers have remained true to their own unique styles and voices, and have written the stories they want to tell, which of course is why readers keep buying and reading their books year after year.

And that is something that every aspiring writer dreams of, isn't it?


  1. Hi Melissa. Good to have you back. Writing is such a personal journey and far from straight forward - as I know - but I hope that your time away has re-ignited that joy. I am enjoying writing slowly and have reverted to pen and notepad. xx

  2. Hi Sarah, re-ignition has started but yet to take off! Good to hear from you and that you are enjoying writing again, nothing wrong with pen and paper, whatever works!! Hope you're keeping warm in the north Wales snow xx

  3. Thank you Melissa - I'm honoured to be discussed in the same post as lovely Sara Craven - such a great writer and a great person who will be so much missed. I had to smile rather wryly at your comment about writing for so long and changing/adapting to the times. Some times it's been a natural progression, other times I've needed to adjust quite strongly. But that's the result of having a long career - and the fact that writing of any sort (but specially romance) is a growing, changing genre. So glad to see you picking up hour pen again - I hope you can rediscover the joy of writing and creating stories - I love your voice and would love to see more of your writing. Keep warm! Kxx

  4. Hi Kate, thank you for your lovely and encouraging comment. Your wonderful books definitely set the standard, not just for me, but I'm sure for many other aspiring authors. Likewise, I hope you are keeping well and warm in this seasonal snowy weather xx


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