The Practical Challenges of Being a Writer

I often think of this quote from Virginia Woolf as, like many other aspiring authors, I try and juggle life and writing every day.  Because no matter how committed one is to one's dream, a living has to be made all the same.  I've been lucky enough for the last ten years to be able to combine part time jobs, occasionally two or three at a time, with my writing, and being an early morning writer, that has usually worked well.  Luck ran out at the end of last year, however, and I had to take on a full time job.  The impact this has had both on the quantity of time I can devote to my writing and to the quality of my work has been huge.  My writing hours have dwindled and my energy and enthusiasm levels have dropped dramatically. There is very little opportunity for walking, which is an activity I try and do every day as it helps clear the creative blocks and gets me doing some exercise as well.

So, while a room of my own is no problem, money is something that is factoring very large in my life right now as I take the decision to change my current full-time job for a part time one again.  I guess it all comes down to where my priorities lie and, for the moment - even though publication feels as far away now as it has at any point over the last decade - I am still committing myself to my goal and putting that goal before anything else.  Now I just need to rekindle my passion, get some energy going, find more balance in my life, and meet the writing deadlines I've set myself for the rest of the year.  Simple? Yes. Easy? No.  Doable? Absolutely!

How do you juggle life, work and your dreams??


  1. Hi Melissa. I love the quote but real life does get in the way of writing more often than not. Good luck with the new job and the writing. I'm sure once the time is available, the words will start to flow. xx

  2. Hi Sarah, yes, life does get in the way of writing far too much. Haven't got the new job yet, but hopefully not before too long. Hope to see you soon and that your writing is going well xx

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    1. Melissa, I work two days, and don't write at all on those days as I'm too exhausted! For the rest of the time I'm juggling housework, writing, and walking! Like you, I love it. I try to aim for the 10,000 steps a day advisory amount but don't always get there. Funny thing is though - I've put weight on - so something's not quite right! Good luck with the new job when it comes and see you soon - hopefully x

  4. Hi Kim, yes, it is so frustrating juggling life and writing and I really don't think - unless one is superhuman - that a full time job is compatible with writing seriously. Luckily though I've just got a part time job, last week in fact, three days a week. So, despite the drop in salary, I'm really pleased to be able to write more productively starting in June and to do more walking too just in time for summer! Hope your writing is going well and see you soon - at the conference? xx

  5. Congrats on the job, Melissa, you must be so looking forward to June and being able to write more. Yes, I'm going to the conference so see you there, my dear. Take care in the meantime xx


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