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Summer Shows

The summer months are a busy time for me as, in my day job, I attend a lot of agricultural shows, horse shows, food festivals and the like, both local and national.  One of my favourite events is the Aberaeron Cob Festival, which takes place right in the centre of this picturesque west Wales town every August. It is a showing of the Welsh breeds rather than a competition, so there are no prizes, though many of the horses there are regular prize winners in such prestigious events as the Royal Welsh Show.

The last two years, I've been lucky enough to have a ringside view of a packed programme, including the running of the magnificent stallions, the neck-breaking Welsh Mountain Pony Grand National, the Gentle Giants team of beautiful black shire horses, and the heart-stopping antics of the Galloping Acrobatics.  Many years ago, I spent several seasons working with horses and, although I rarely ride these days, it seems I've never quite lost the love of this noble and beautiful a…