The delights of editing

Editing is one of my favourite things and I usually find it easier to edit a book than to write it in the first place!  So I've been enjoying doing the revisions on my latest WIP, especially as they've cooincided with a three week holiday off work :)  It's been lovely, doing almost nothing but writing every day, although - holiday or not - I'm definitely a morning writer.  My preferred routine is to get up around six, make a cafetiere of good Italian coffee and retire back to bed with my computer. Writing feels so much more relaxed when one's mind is uncluttered and there's no need to stop when things are flowing or dash out to work at a crucial point.  As a result, my revisions have come along nicely and I'm almost ready to re-submit a partial in the next week or so.

Also this week,  I met up for lunch with my good writing friend, Sarah Snowdon. We went to Dylan's in Criccieth, an Art-Deco-like building designed and built in 1954 by Clough Williams Ellis, the architect-owner of nearby Portmeirion. Dylan's Restaurant - who also have an eatery in Menai Bridge - took over the Council-owned building in 2015 and it's really worth a visit, not only for its unique architectural style and stunning seaside location but, naturally, for its wonderful - though not cheap - food.

As usual, Sarah and I took full advantage of an extensive menu and talked shop for five hours. Getting together regularly with writing friends is a must for me, whatever stage my work is at. Whether airing plot problems or talking through character conflict, getting the opinion of a trusted fellow writer is a real blessing. It's equally pleasant to listen to someone else talk about their work too, and Sarah is such a talented writer that it's always exciting to hear about her latest novel or short story.



  1. We had a great time, didn't we? A chance to talk writing over good food with a trusted friend was a treasured afternoon. Looking forward to more days like that! xx


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