Sunday, 10 January 2016

Happy 2016

I'm not really one for making New Year resolutions and this time round isn't an exception.  I did, however, resolve to submit my work in progress in early January and, today, I did just that.   It felt good hitting the send button but now begins the weeks or even months of waiting to hear back, trying not to think how I should have written certain passages differently, or cut something out, or put something in . . . the second guesses are endless and Romance writers nothing if not perfectionists!

The time ahead won't be wasted however;  I'm already mulling over my next book and, in February, I'm going to beautiful Fishguard, on another of Writers Holiday's  fabulous and friendly courses. This time, however, I'm delving into short stories by way of a change.  And, unlike previous years, I'm looking at the weekend as a mini-break too, going earlier and staying later, and hopefully getting time to walk a bit of the Pembrokeshire coastal path, weather permitting naturally.  As I write this, the hailstones are plummeting down from the north Wales sky and it looks like winter is finally on the horizon!

Wishing You A Happy New Year !!

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