Latest Arrivals at the Birdfeeders !

I just couldn't resist sharing the latest news from my balcony, namely the arrival of a noisy little flock of Long Tailed Tits!

I've been seeing them in the trees while out walking recently, busily gobbling up the late-autumn seeds, but didn't expect them to venture onto my balcony, as they are a flighty species to say the least. So it was a delightful surprise earlier this week to see them come out of the blue - and how!

They swooped in en mass, twittering nineteen to the dozen, took over the fat ball feeder completely, tails pointing in all directions, then just as suddenly, swooped off again. The poor Blue Tits looked like they'd been mugged !!  

But how sweet is this chatty, marshmallow-coloured little bird?  Their tails are longer than their bodies and, in rural areas in former times, they used to be called 'Bum Barrels' due to the tiny, barrel shaped nest they build.

Hope they are here to stay for the winter at least :)


  1. Hi Melissa. You have been honoured with those Long Tailed Tits! But what a lovely treat for you. xx

  2. Hi Sarah, yes, they are absolutely beautiful, not that they hang around long; they come and go in a flash! Hope your bird feeders are also bringing you some lovely birds this autumn, they really do brighten up a gloomy morning :) xx

  3. I'm really jealous. They are lovely birds, but to have them so close.

  4. Hi Rachael, yes, they are totally sweet little birds, and they chat constantly to each other. I had a greater spotted woodpecker and a jay - both at the same time - on the balcony yesterday, which was a real treat too :) See you soon xx


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