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Winter Mornings

I've been getting up mega early these last few weeks, obviously to do some writing before heading off for the day job, but also for another, rather lovely, reason.  Winter is fast approaching and that means Bird Feeding Time! Actually, we should feed the birds at other times of the year too, especially in late spring and early summer when they are raising their young, and songbirds have two or three broods of chicks to feed, which sometimes means mum and dad go without.  

This year I've made more of my balcony, planting out wildflowers like poppies and cornflowers, bluebells and honeysuckle, and hanging up a few feeders.  I wasn't sure if the birds would come, as I live on a modern housing estate with no gardens to speak of, although backed by woods and farmland.   Well, I needn't have worried! First on the scene were a family of House Sparrows who were roosting in the eves of the house opposite and their young were just leaving the nest.

No sooner had I put the fat b…