Being Responsive !

Finally got my website fully responsive yesterday, thanks to the excellent and very patient help of my web designer, Technoleg Taliesin.  It didn't help my being so pedantic and knowing exactly what I wanted, down to the last nth. But, as a writer - like any other 'business' - my website reflects both my work and my persona, so for me it was very important to get it perfect, even for the tiniest mobile device.  I think it is absolutely fabulous - what you do think?

Apart from tweaking my website - check it out at - I've been busy getting to grips with my new and rewarding job in nature and wildlife conservation. I've also been re-editing a book I started a long time ago, which has proved an interesting process and one that has made me question the wisdom of revisiting something that was written several years ago.   Whether it's because I've 'grown' as a writer since then or whether my characters belong in that particular story and no other, I don't know.  Either way, it's been a challenging journey but at last The End is in sight - or will be by this time next week !


  1. Looks great, Melissa! x

  2. Hi Melissa. LOVE the responsive website. Have had a good 'play' on my phone and it looks great. I'm sure you're pleased. Writers might not be out there in the workplace, but appearances are still important! xx

    1. Hi Sarah, thanks, I am pleased with it and totally agree that appearances are so important even though we do spend much of our time chained to the keyboard in our writing rooms! xx


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