Romantic Novelists' Association Conference 2015

Last weekend I travelled to London for this year's RNA conference, held at St Mary's University, located alongside a canal that came complete with ducks and rats!  Weather-wise it was glorious and at times too hot but it was lovely to be in the Big City and to meet up with writing friends, old and new.


The sessions were as informative and useful as ever, especially Julie Cohen's  'Art of the Rewrite' - as that's something I always seem to be doing - and the HM&B Series workshop on 'Writing Success: The Essentials' - which was not only essential - naturally - but also dynamic and fun.

Getting some positive and encouraging feedback about my work was on a par with hearing that several writing friends also received good vibes on their work too.   Way to go, girls :)

Lovely canal-side shots apart, my ancient camera wasn't up to it this year and almost all the ones I took came out blurred :(  Cue yesterday's purchase of my first Smartphone, but in the meantime, if you have any photos, I'd love to get copies !


  1. Hi Melissa. It was a great weekend, wasn't it? From the wine on Friday night to the great lectures and your fabulous feedback, it was a big success. And lovely to meet up with everyone. I'll be in touch with copies! xx

  2. Hi Sarah, yes, it was fab from start to finish but all over so quickly! Looking forward to the next one already though hope to see you before then and hear all your revision news :) xx

  3. Missed being with you all - next time! Great news about the feedback - for all of you - that's what I like to hear! Any notes on the 'Writing Success' session - I'm nosey to know what was said!

  4. Hi Kate, we all missed you too especially in the chilling out sessions in the evening - we did the wine bottles due justice, of course! The workshops were really useful and I think we all came away wiser and encouraged that our writing is going in the right direction :) Till soon xx


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