The value of deadlines

In writing, like anything else, deadlines are part of the job.  For unpublished writers, perhaps they don't seem so important and, as such, are easy to move or ignore altogether! But, in many ways, self-imposed deadlines are every bit as important as those an editor or publisher sets you.  They may even be crucial because they are often the only thing that is keeping your writing on track. This has certainly been my experience with my current book, which I finished this morning, right on target :)  For some reason, this story has been the most difficult one I've written, even though it shouldn't have been, and stuck on Chapter 5 not so long back - and stuck not once but twice - I wondered if I'd ever get to The End!  There is still a bit of layering and some editing to do -  though hopefully not too much as I tend to edit along the way - but the satisfaction of finishing Book Number Five is a great feeling and makes starting Number Six even more of an incentive!

En la escritura, como cualquier otra cosa, los plazos son partes del trabajo. Para los escritores no publicados, tal vez los plazos no parecen tan importante y fáciles de mover o ignorar por completo! Pero los plazos autoimpuestos son tan importantes como los que establecido por un editor. Incluso pueden ser mas importante, para mantener la escritura en la pista. Sin duda, eso ha sido mi experiencia con mi libro actual, que terminé esta mañana, justo en el blanco :)  Por alguna razón, esta historia fue la más difícil que he escrito, a pesar de que no debería haber sido, y me preguntaba si iba a llegar a la Final! Todavía hay un poco de edición para hacer - aunque espero no demasiado, ya que tiendo a editar en el camino - pero la satisfacción de terminar Libro Numero Cinco es una gran sensación, que hace a comenzar del Libro Número Seis incluso más de un incentivo!


  1. Hi Melissa. Wow! Book Number 5 finished. And right on target - impressive! And I totally agree with the deadlines issue. Writing is such a solitary occupation and without deadlines, work has the potential to drift. Hope you make time to celebrate your achievement. xx

  2. Hi Sarah, yes, hitting a deadline is a great feeling, especially self-imposed ones! Hope your writing is going well too, as I'm sure it is :) xx

  3. Good for you, Melissa. Self imposed dreadlines are a great motivating technique to keep you writing. I can't wait to see your new story - will you be bringing it to the retreat?

  4. Thanks Kate! Yes, any and all motivation tactics are vital ! I will be bringing the book to the retreat and I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts; your feedback and insight on my work is always so invaluable and really appreciated :) xx


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