The Merry Month

In my view, May is the loveliest month in the calendar, full of bluebells and birdsong and bursting with the heady scents of late spring.  As the sunny days lengthen and summer draws closer, and bold blue skies look down on vibrant green fields, everything around me seems to take on a new energy.  May, for me, has always been a period of the year that has brought changes in my life and, sure enough, it's all change once again, as I'm busy looking for a new job.


It's hard to sit indoors filling in application forms, however, when a walk through the woods beckons me outside. One of the joys of my current job working from home is being able to down tools for an hour or so in the middle of the afternoon and take a stroll.


Walking alone is a good way to clear the mind and blow some of the cobwebs away. Not that one is really alone in the countryside.  The fields are full of sheep and cows and horses and the trees alive with birds, their music turning the air into a rich symphonic celebration of life.



Getting some exercise for the body is also good for the brain and walking leisurely along the lanes, surrounded by nature, is a great way to mull over my current story at the same time. Inspiration comes in many forms but for me, being out in the open air, away from it all for a few hours, is one of the most productive. After all, what writer could fail to be uplifted by beautiful surroundings like these?


  1. Hi Melissa. What lovely photos! I think we forget sometimes what a picturesque country we live in and I'm sure it's very productive as well as inspirational to take a breather every now and then. Good luck with the job hunting. You will be an asset whatever you do. I suppose the only thing we can count on is change. Doesn't stop me from wanting to know exactly where I'm going, what I'm going to do and when! xx

  2. Hi Sarah, thanks so much for your comment and your good luck wishes. Yes, I'm totally like you and I want to know exactly where I'm going too - life never seems to be like that though, does it? That's why taking a leap of faith is necessary sometimes especially for romance writers striving to follow their dreams! xx


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