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Grrrr . . . grrr . . . grinding to a halt !!

Otherwise known, in my case anyway, as the Chapter Five Crunch.  Why Chapter Five?  It always seems to happen at this point, in every single book.  Creating two characters, bringing them together, getting to know them, giving them  'a believable and sustainable conflict' and then . . . bang, the brick wall.

Why???  Partly, I think, because around Chapter Five is the 'getting to know you' time, and for two characters with deep internal (and a couple of external) conflicts, getting to know each other means talking, spending time together, opening up, beginning to trust, letting emotions out.   It's hard and often painful for them, and it's even more painful for the author!  Usually, I can keep going, push through writer's block, but with this particular Chapter Five - nope, nada, no way !

I read a great tip on somebody's blog a while back - unfortunately I can't remember whose - but the author's advice was to do something for your writing every day…

Another Weekend Away

On a writing retreat, of course, what else?  I joined up with several regular writing writing friends at Weetwood Hall in Leeds last weekend for another Malaga workshop.  Unlike my February course at Fishguard, this was largely time spent on our own, writing and focussing on feedback given by the course tutor, Kate Walker, on work submitted beforehand.

As per usual, there were several 'lightbulb' moments and it was wonderful to be able to share the process with others, bounce ideas around, and benefit from the excitement and enthusiasm.  
One of the most helpful things for me this time round was a character questionnaire shared with the group by Claire.  It really was like a door opening, as getting to know my characters is always a sticking point for me.

Claire had done a lot of character work by putting her current hero and heroine through an interview with a society interviewer who asked them the sort of questions they didn't want to be asked, questions that made the…