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Fishguard and Friendship

A couple of weekends ago, I went on the Advanced Romance Writers' course at the Fishguard Bay Hotel, run by the lovely Anne and Gerry Hobbs of  Writers' Holiday.  This was my fourth year of attending and it really keeps getting better every time, as I remarked to the course tutor, Kate Walker.  The group, a mix of old and new members,  was incredibly dynamic and this was especially true of the critique session. We discussed each others work in an intelligent and constructive way and it was brilliant to see a lot of very good writing had been done over the past year. As always, I got a huge amount out of this fabulous course and I'm sure everyone else who attended did too. And, as always, I've already booked my place for next year :)

A few days after getting back from Fishguard, I met up with another writing friend who couldn't make the course this year, Sarah Snowdon.  We had a lovely lunch in Porthmadog, which is about halfway between our respective homes, and tw…