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Is it really almost the end of January ??

Isn't this supposed to be the longest, darkest, coldest month of the year? The beginning of that little hiatus in mood before Spring arrives in March . . or April . . or even May?   Long winter evenings are perfect for catching up on some reading, of course.  I've just finished Pamela Hartshorne's amazing novel, The Memory of Midnight, a vivid, haunting and, at times, harrowing story of two women, separated by the span of four centuries but linked supernaturally by their entrapment in sadistic marriages. The narrative is so rich and the characters so skillfully drawn that I was pulled right into the book, and I'm not exaggerating when I say I felt every bone-crunching blow dealt to Nell by the evil and perverted Ralph and held my breath as I listened to the menacing silence at the end of Tess's phone - we both knew it was Martin all along!

The tension builds with each chapter and, as I neared a climax that I knew would be difficult, I almost didn't go back!  B…